Connected Wind

Connected Wind
Improve production of your wind turbines by 2% or more...
...without sacrificing reliability. We help you get the most out of your wind investments.
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We understand what your wind turbines are saying

AssetCare™ uses AI and analytics to optimize both performance and Operations & Maintenance management to deliver increased production at a lower cost.  We analyze every aspect of the health and performance of your turbines, predicting potential failures, and identifying enhancement opportunities.

Optimize your energy based availability
Making the most of your turbines’ potential over time is more complex than simply managing downtime and comparing to the original factory power curves. AssetCare starts with a reference power curve—a Digital Twin—customized for each turbine based on its location and historical performance, among other factors. Then, backed by a dedicated team of wind experts, ongoing monitoring and analytics uncover opportunities for increased production performance and improved O&M activities.
Fix the right the right time
AssetCare identifies problems with your turbines and the impact on performance potential, allowing you to focus your operations & maintenance efforts on those issues that most impact your bottom line.

Across your entire fleet
Whether you operate one wind turbine, a single wind farm or a multi-national fleet, AssetCare™ gives you visibility into how your turbines are performing and how to best improve Annual Energy Production (AEP) moving forward. Get hands-on insights from us including AI- powered performance dashboards with user friendly reporting.

AssetCare helps you increase ROI and reduce cost of ownership for your wind investments

2% or more
improvement in Annual Energy Production
Up to 20%
reduction in O&M costs, by offering our unique combination of blade inspection, condition monitoring, and O&M management

Here's how AssetCare™ works

  1. Our team of energy experts will carry out a detailed evaluation of your wind turbines to help you identify opportunities to improve AEP and energy-based availability.

  2. We connect your SCADA system to AssetCare.

  3. AssetCare will create a digital twin – a customized reference power curve – for each turbine in your fleet.

  4. AssetCare, backed by a dedicated LiveOps team, will keep an eye on your wind turbines 24/7.

  5. As an option, our AssetCare team will provide AI-enabled blade inspection and classification for your fleet using drones to capture high-resolution images.

  6. All for one simple subscription. No money upfront and no hidden fees.

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