Asset management powered by AI and analytics

Bringing together advancements in AI, IoT, and cloud computing, mCloud is creating a more efficient future by tackling the world’s toughest energy problems.

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Introducing AssetCare™

All around the world, energy assets generate massive amounts of data as they operate. Tapping into the power of analytics and machine learning, AssetCare helps businesses use that data intelligently to ensure assets continuously operate at peak performance.

IoT-connected assets

AssetCare uses readily available industrial-grade IoT sensors and 4G/LTE connectivity to continuously gather data from critical assets deployed in the field. For any given asset, hundreds of variables may be monitored, tracking every aspect of an asset’s health and performance.

Data-driven performance

IoT data from assets are continuously transmitted to AssetCare in the cloud, where special predictive models and intelligent algorithms developed by mCloud are applied to the data, identifying asset-specific opportunities to make operational adjustments in real-time that maximize performance.

Intelligent analytics in the field

Through a combination of AI-driven control and optimization, and mobile asset management capabilities delivered on smartphones, tablets, and digital eyewear, AssetCare creates a full circle of care, connecting all of the people who operate, benefit, or care for an asset with the insight needed to ensure that an asset is always performing at its best.

“mCloud has delivered on their promise and commitment of reducing our energy costs. We were surprisingly pleased with the insights into our stores’ HVAC operations in ways that we hadn’t imagined.”

Jim Adison – Operations Manager at Jonmar, a Dairy Queen Operator

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