Process Industries

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Process Industries
Improve your response time to unplanned outages by up to 300%
AssetCare™ helps asset operators and maintainers get ahead of unplanned outages and issues with process assets.

We listen to what your control system is saying

AssetCare simplifies O&M for process assets through the use of artificial intelligence, analytics, 3D digital twins, and advanced sensing technologies to help your teams simplify and make sense of all the data coming from your assets.

Predict asset failures before they happen
AssetCare simplifies the monitoring of process assets by keeping a continuous pulse on the state of your facility control system. In the event of an outage, we can help you respond to outages and get your facility back online in record time.
Plan and manage facility changes
3D digital twins, or digital replicas of your facility, let you plan for MOC operations and engage in virtual walkdowns of facilities – without having to be onsite. Teams can plan and coordinate activities remotely, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
Fugitive emission management
As an option, AssetCare offers aerial survey capabilities through the use of drones to automate and streamline the detection and measurement of fugitive emissions, including greenhouse gases, natural gas, and volatile organic compounds.

AssetCare helps you improve the availability and production capacity of your process facility

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Up to 4 hours
Reduced unplanned downtime, for one incident
Up to 25%
reduction in time-elapsed to identify and resolve issues
Predictable maintenance spend

Here's how AssetCare™ works

  1. Our team of process experts will carry out a detailed review of your facility to help you identify opportunities to automate and streamline your O&M activities on day one.
  2. Through direct connections to your process control system and industrial IoT sensors, we’ll get your facility connected to AssetCare.
  3. AssetCare, backed by a dedicated live operations team, will keep an eye on your process control systems 24/7.
  4. As an option, our AssetCare team will equip your fleet with drones and 3D scanners for low-cost, high-efficiency facility inspections and survey activities.
  5. All for one simple price. No money upfront, no hidden fees, and zero risk – your average efficiency gains will always be better than the amount you pay.
Case Study - North American Gas Producer
Natural Gas Company Reduces Outages and Costs at Remote Facility with AssetCare

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