Planning a Successful Control System Modernization*

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Planning a Successful Control System Modernization

Aging and looming obsolescence of existing control systems technology is only one of the production reliability risks faced by industry today. Reliability is impacted by several factors including component failure rates, spare parts availability, availability of skill maintenance training for plant resources, and access to external expertise. Furthermore, the nature of reliability impact from these factors tends to increase exponentially over time as problems compound to result in more frequent incidents of increasing severity.

During this webinar you will learn: 

  • How to conduct a system audit and identify high risk areas
  • Developing an action plan that maximizes ROI
  • Criteria for evaluating and selecting the best solution for your facility
  • Identifying and engaging key project team members
  • Planning your project execution phases for maximum efficiency
  • How to define key success indicators for your project

Presented by: Ahmed Hanafy,  P. Eng., MEng., FS Eng. (TÜV) 

Ahmed is an Electrical & Control Systems Engineer with +20 years practice in the industry. Over the course of his career, he has managed system migration projects in many oil, gas and pipeline facilities, with a wide range of expertise including the design, installation, configuration, and commissioning of power systems, PLCs, SIS, DCS, and SCADA systems.

As the E&I Engineering Team Lead at mCloud, Ahmed supervises and provides technical leadership to engineers and technicians from multiple engineering disciplines. 

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Learn the key factors of a successful control system modernization