Industrial IT Services

Industrial Information Technology (IT) Services
Modern industrial companies are being challenged with new issues around the design, integration, configuration, and management of their industrial networks.

The modern industrial facility has become tightly integrated with the corporate enterprise infrastructure in recent years.  Mergers and acquisitions have resulted in larger organizations made up of assets and systems of multiple smaller organizations.  This in turn has led to challenges in systems integration, information sharing, and information security.  The traditional lines between the IT and Operations departments have become blurred.

mCloud’s Industrial IT team is able to work together integrating classic control designs with modern network, communications, and applications architectures while maintaining a secure and agile infrastructure.

Our  vendor independence allows us maximum flexibility in defining the best solutions, and our focus on proven, robust, and secure solutions enable you to operate your plant or facility without network outage, cyber security, or hardware/software compatibility concerns.

Networks & Connectivity
Designing and implementing secure, robust communication and multi-tiered networking architectures for control and information systems is an integral part of our total instrumentation, electrical, and controls service offering. In developing robust network architectures, mCloud strives to maintain optimal functionality while protecting the security and reliability of critical systems.
Data Historians
mCloud's Industrial IT group is focused on bridging the gap between real-time control data and the process engineers, plant managers, and head office management to facilitate timely and informed decision making at all organizational levels.
Communications / Telecommunications Design
With more than 30 years of experience implementing industrial-grade telecommunications systems, mCloud's engineering team researches, recommends, and implements the telecommunication solution that best fits our clients' technical and business requirements.

Drawing on our comprehensive telecommunications experience with gas plants, gas and liquids pipelines, refineries, compressor stations, and oil and gas well sites, as well as our strong vendor relationships, mCloud works with clients to find the solution that meets both the technical and business requirements
Underpinning the physical networks and application-specific computers of IT systems is a growing inventory of supporting infrastructure equipment and utility applications, and under ideal conditions these are all transparent to operations. At mCloud we're here to help ensure you have full transparency when less-than-ideal conditions occur.
Equipment Modeling & Asset Management
The world of industrial equipment maintenance has become a tight balancing act driven by business drivers from the entire organization – cost control, operational efficiency, operational safety, environmental stewardship, and quality control. Our Industrial IT team can develop the solutions you require with a breadth of platform system and core technology expertise that can give you a right-sized solution for your specific needs.
Industrial Video Surveillance
We will help to develop a fully engineered, custom, high definition video surveillance solution that provides 24 hour safety and security. Our solutions include design, procurement and supply of equipment, drawings and documentation (including cable schedules and installation details), testing, installation, and commissioning.