Something in the Air*

mCloud Connect 2020
Something in the Air : Connecting the Dots with Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

In recent months, much of the world’s population has been forced indoors in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. While proper ventilation and indoor air quality is not a new song and dance, the global pandemic may be the inflection point that tips the scales.

Dr. Stephanie Taylor (ASHRAE COVID Task Force), Dr. Mark Ereth (emeritus professor with Mayo Clinic College of Medicine) and John Macomber (Harvard Business School professor and co-author of the book Healthy Buildings) simplify the conversation on indoor air quality, connect the dots on why healthy buildings matter and arm you with the knowledge to protect your health.


  • Nancy Murray (Director, Marketing - mCloud) 


  • Dr. Stephanie Taylor (InciteHealth Fellow - Harvard Medical School)
  • Dr. Mark Ereth (Chief Medical Officer - Mayo Clinic)
  • John Macomber (Professor - Harvard Business School)
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