The Intersection of Security, Privacy and the Cloud *

mCloud Connect 2020
The Intersection of Security, Privacy and the Cloud

Cloud computing is a rapidly evolving technology in today’s modern landscape. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, so is it really safe? Data in the cloud starts with devices in your home, your office, your factory, listening, gathering, and reporting. How can you be sure that your data are private? Protecting asset and personal data is a crucial requirement for the digital transformation.

Panelists discuss the challenges of data security and privacy, in field devices, in the cloud, and around the world, and will review best practices for the modern, interconnected world.


  • Jim Christian (Senior Corporate Marketing Strategist  - mCloud)


  • Megan Buntain (Director of Cloud Partnerships - Seeq Corporation)
  • Leonid Cooperman (Co-CEO & Co-Founder - IXDen)
  • David Leimbrock (Co-founder & CTO - Riptide) 
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