Every Worker Is a Connected Worker*

mCloud Connect 2020
Every Worker Is a Connected Worker

When was the last time you were truly, fully disconnected? From your cell phone, to your tablet to your high-end espresso machine, you’ve already been a connected worker without pausing to think. Our current global situation has caused every company to re-evaluate the ways in which they do business and how their workers complete their tasks effectively.

The distinguished panel of industry experts will discuss how operational excellence can be maintained while keeping workers safe and working remotely.


  • Pat Kelly  (Director, Process Solutions - mCloud)


  • Ted Pierpont (VP of Sales, Americas - RealWear, Inc.)
  • Sean R. Sleigh (Facility Manager - Crestwood LLP)
  • Elynn Lorimer (CEO - Spatial Research and Design Inc.) 
  • Josh Rosario (Journeyman Industrial Instrumentation Mechanic -Epscan Industries)
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