Empowering Wind Owners Through AI and Blade Inspections*

mCloud Connect 2020
Empowering Wind Owners Through AI and Blade Inspections

AI-based autonomous drones can complete visual inspections for an entire turbine in as little as 15 minutes, which is 10 times more efficient than traditional methods. These efficiencies allow wind turbine owners to maximize production by minimizing the need for traditional visual inspection approaches that are labor intensive and require highly trained professionals to be on-site.

Industry experts will discuss the power of taking maintenance and operations digital and the roadmap forward for energy optimization.


  • David Hartwell  (Vice President, Sales - AssetCare - mCloud)


  • Whitney Weller;(Vice President - Technology, Smart Energy Solutions - mCloud )
  • Gareth Knowles (Aerial Vision)
  • Ian Ray (Director of UAS Tech - ARE Corp) 
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