AssetCare™ takes care of your assets, so you can take care of your business.
The only asset management platform combining IoT, AI, and the cloud to ensure assets continuously operate at peak performance.

AssetCare is complexity made simple

Next-level performance
Drawing from technology used in the world’s most demanding industries, AssetCare takes the health, performance, and efficiency of your assets to new heights.
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Straight to your bottom line
No upfront fees, no hidden costs, and one simple price per connected asset, combined with continuous performance improvements you can measure.
Driving optimal action
Every aspect of asset management, from operations to optimization to maintenance, under one umbrella enabling you to get the most out of your assets.
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AssetCare™ in Action
The only unified platform for end-to-end asset management in the cloud.
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24/7 Insight into asset health & performance - IoT sensors and devices bring data from your energy assets into the cloud, helping you and your teams take the right actions to improve asset health and performance.
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Know what assets need your attention most – Drones and high-precision 3D scanning enable remote visual inspection to capture and characterize the condition of your assets, paired with AI to help you prioritize which ones need attention.
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Get a helping hand with day-to-day management - Routine operational processes are automated, freeing you to focus on tasks that require your attention. AI continuously advises and assists you in making decisions about how to get the most from your assets.
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Ensure every maintenance job is done right the first time – Apps for mobile devices and hands-free smart glasses give operators and maintainers access to an AI-powered digital assistant offering the support and insight needed to get every job done right.
Improve the way your assets are managed – Dashboards and powerful 3D visualizations do more than just report data, they help you understand it. Cut through the noise and get recommendations and insights that help you make the right decisions every time.

Learn how AssetCare™ is solving
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