How AI is Transforming Blade Inspection & Turbine Performance

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How AI is Transforming Blade Inspection & Turbine Performance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often promoted as a key contributor for wind technology solutions, but there’s usually not a lot of supporting detail. We’ll dive into specific AI tools used for blade inspections, where drones have increased the amount and speed of images and sensor data collected. Is a fully-automated AI-enabled solution plausible, or will human blade analysts continue to play a key role?

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How AI thrives and where it is a work in progress for blade inspection
  • Where AI has the potential to transform current practices
  • A snapshot of how mCloud is using AI to impact annual energy performance and reliability beyond blades


Whitney Weller (Vice President, Business Development - Connected Solutions) 

Whitney (Whit) is focused on mCloud Advanced Visualization Solutions for wind renewable energy and has a broad background in science and technology. From the start, beginning as Director at Bell Laboratories, he has evolved through key executive roles in both large publically held companies and start-ups. He has over 25 years management experience including developments applying image analysis AI, dual energy X-Ray, Millimeter wave, chemical and biological sensor detection techniques.

Whit was founder and CTO of AirFusion, which was acquired by mCloud in February 2020. He is an expert in fiber optics and multi-modal sensor systems. He is a recognized expert in aviation security, millimeter wave imaging and AI detection technologies leading development of whole body imaging solutions adopted by TSA, military and international markets..

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