Does the New Normal Make the Need for Control System Monitoring Even More Critical?

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Does the New Normal Make the Need for Control System Monitoring Even More Critical?

Plant and facility operators are faced with several new challenges including crushing economics, fewer workers and the inability to be in the field to inspect, maintain and troubleshoot systems and equipment.  Reliance on control systems including PLCs, DCS, network switches and servers to work perfectly has increased in the face of continued operations and the need for higher availability and reliability.

Fewer workers and less onsite expertise means that alarms will be frequently ignored, and control system assets overlooked even more than in the past.  The impact can be seen in unscheduled maintenance issues which are several times more expensive than planned activities.

During this webinar you will hear from one of our customers who was an early adopter of AssetCare, implemented Control System monitoring in their facilities and realized direct value through the early warnings and correction of failures to critical assets.

What you can expect to learn during this webinar :

  • How cloud-based monitoring systems can provide oversight and act as your advance warning system
  • The benefits to your bottom line of remote monitoring, especially in today’s “new normal”


Pablo Asiron


As a Professional Chemical Engineer who specializes in Computer Process Controls, Pablo has over 20 years of experience with automation and data visualization with a specific focus on Information Systems.

Pablo works with our clients in the Industrial Process environments to reduce unplanned downtime and increase equipment efficiency to deliver results through the use of IIoT. Throughout his career, Pablo has worked with many large and medium scale clients to design and implement all information system needs.

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