Connected Buildings

Connected Buildings
Fully managed. Fully efficient. Fully reliable.
We take the headache out of managing your building so you can focus on managing your business.

We Take Care of Everything

AssetCare is a fully managed solution that takes all the guesswork out of looking after your facilities. Backed by our dedicated Live Operations team of experts, AssetCare gives you the peace of mind that your buildings are well taken care of.

Health, Safety and Comfort
Through the use of smart thermostats and indoor air quality sensors connected to AssetCare, we monitor and manage your indoor air quality and temperature levels, to deliver a safe and comfortable environment for your customers and employees while effectively minimizing energy usage. We also keep a watchful eye on the health and performance of your HVAC systems, identifying and alerting you to potential problems before they become costly issues.
Less energy waste and greater sustainability
We retrofit your business with LED lights and smart switches, and monitor overall kWh usage to eliminate unnecessary waste. AssetCare can provide you the proof point to your investors, customers, and local community that you are achieving sustainability excellence.
Food safety
Through our partnership with blueRover, AssetCare monitors the temperature of walk-in refrigeration and freezer units around the clock, and provides instant alerts to any deviations, helping you avoid unplanned and costly food waste. Automated recording and reporting also ensures easy compliance with regulatory requirements.
Customer behavior and building security
AssetCare constantly monitors occupancy and footfall counts to give you a clear picture of how customers move through your space, allowing you to ensure physical distancing guidelines are met and maximize revenue per square foot. Customized alerts will also keep you aware of when doors are open or closed so you know your business is secure.
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AssetCare helps companies around the world achieve optimal building health, ensure customer and employee safety, manage energy usage, and become more sustainable.

Up to 25%
Improvements in facility management spend through reductions in unneeded or unplanned building maintenance
Up to 20%
Improvements in energy efficiency from continuous HVAC and lighting management
Up to 12 tons
Annual reduction in CO2 emissions

Here's how AssetCare™ works

  1. We complete a survey of all your sites to be connected, including indoor air quality, heating & cooling, lighting, refrigeration and occupancy requirements.
  2. Using smart thermostats, smart light controls, motion and contact sensors, and refrigeration sensors (if needed) , we’ll get you connected to AssetCare.
  3. Our dedicated live operations team monitors your buildings 24/7, and sends instant text or email alerts to any issues needing immediate attention.
  4. When you need additional assistance, expert help is just a phone call away.

All for one simple monthly price. No money upfront, no hidden fees, and zero risk.

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Helping our customers manage their buildings more efficiently

Solana Beach
Church Campus Sees Double Digit Energy Efficiency Gains with AssetCare

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Let us take care of your buildings, so you can take care of your business.