Connected Worker

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Connected Worker
25% reduction in time-elapsed to identify and resolve issues
Arm your field personnel with the tools they need to address issues in real-time and complete required tasks remotely and more efficiently

We Take Care of Everything

AssetCare provides workers in the field with instant, hands-free access to documentation and expert assistance on demand, allowing your team to operate at the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Direct access to experts, no travel required
AssetCare remotely connects workers in the field directly to experts in real time, and allows them to “see what I see” through an enterprise grade secure communications link and provide guidance and advice. Reliable operation in noisy environments is supported by an intrinsically safe, voice activated head-mounted tablet (HMT) that can be personalized to each user.
Faster access to information
Workers can spend up to 80% of their time searching for answers, which is neither efficient nor cost effective. AssetCare allows your field personnel to access information such as equipment documentation, P&IDs or 3D digital twins anytime and anywhere in the facility, even while climbing scaffolds or towers. Stored documents are available on-demand, and can be searched by name, attributes, or contents.
Collect and annotate information directly from the field
Easily gather photos and video to create as-built records of your assets, with no need to be online when the information is collected. Users can add comments, labels and meta data on-the-fly, and share information with operators in the control room or other remote locations.

AssetCare gives you the hands-free tools you need to enable your teams in the field to function more effectively and safely.

Up to 100%
Reduction in international travel for OEM support
Up to 90%
Availability of required documentation in the field
Up to 25%
Reduction in time-elapsed to identify and resolve issues

Here's how AssetCare™ works

  1. We ship the HMTs to you pre-configured on AssetCare, all you have to do is connect to your network.
  2. We train your teams in the proper use of the HMTs including how to access your facility data via AssetCare.
  3. Your field personnel have instant access to remote experts, documentation and facility information, where and when they need it.
  4. Our LiveOps team is available 24-7 to provide support and assistance as needed.

All for one simple monthly price. No money upfront, no hidden fees, and zero risk.

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