‘mCloud Connect’ Gathering Top Experts to Discuss Digital Transformation Starting Sept. 21

‘mCloud Connect’ Gathering Top Experts to Discuss Digital Transformation Starting Sept. 21

With COVID-19 compelling much of the world to work from home, virtual forms of communication and operations have accelerated in adoption.  That’s why there’s no better time to understand the importance of digital transformation and new connected technologies and mCloud Connect 2020.

We’re taking our annual conference online as well: mCloud Connect will once again bring together some of the world’s finest minds for brilliant conversations across three days and 24 interactive panels – except virtually this time, from Sept. 21-23.

The aim of mCloud Connect is to gather everyone together in the spirit of collaboration, discussing solutions to your day-to-day concerns, whether you’re a financial analyst or an oil and gas operator. Throughout the conference, we’ll touch on every sector that mCloud is involved in, including the process industries, smart buildings, wind power, connected health and more.

With a virtual conference comes new opportunities for audience participation. We’ll be opening up each of our panels to extended Q&A sessions where attendees will help drive the conversation to hear what’s most important for their particular situation. 

This year’s keynote speaker is Jennifer Zhu Scott, an esteemed AI researcher and specialist on digital assets, and one of Forbes World’s Top 50 Women in Tech in 2018.

One panel of particular interest on the first day is “Something in the Air,” a conversation on the importance of indoor air quality in mitigating COVID-19 featuring a world-class panel of experts. Speakers will include:

  • Dr. Stephanie Taylor, a leading lecturer on infectious disease mitigation at Harvard Medical School and member of the ASHRAE Epidemic Taskforce
  • John Macomber, a top lecturer at Harvard Business School, expert on business case in implementing new technologies with aging infrastructure, and co-author of the book “Healthy Buildings”
  • Dr. Mark Ereth, professor emeritus of the Mayo Clinic and Chief Medical Officer at SecureAire 

Together, these top minds will analyze how keeping building occupants safe from Covid-19 and other infectious diseases starts with ensuring they are breathing healthy air.

Kicking off the second day, mCloud co-founder and CEO Russ McMeekin will have a fireside chat with emcee Sarah Backhouse, a renowned former TV host, journalist, entrepreneur and founder of Future360.tv, an online video platform that showcases sustainable innovation.

The rest of mCloud Connect’s panels will be separated into three separate tracks, allowing attendees to choose from sessions a la carte covering whatever topics they may be interested in.  A few to consider include:

“Passing the Torch” 

A in-depth look at the fundamental shift taking place as the retiring generation hands the reigns to tomorrow’s leaders, and the digital transformations that are taking place concurrently. Panelists including both junior and senior levels of the workforce will assess how digital transformation can help streamline the transfer of knowledge necessary to make sure today’s businesses continue to thrive tomorrow.

“The Intersection of Security, Privacy and the Cloud”

An exploration of the challenges of data security and privacy, both in field devices and the cloud, on-site and around the world. Moderated by Jim Christian, Chief Product and Technology offer at mCloud,  expert panelists will trace this line of data and offer best practices for today’s cloud-connected world, including:

  • Megan Buntain, Director of Cloud Partnerships at Seeq Corporation
  •  Leonid Cooperman, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of IXDen
  • David Leimbrock, Co-Founder and CTO of Riptide

 “Metrics — Going Beyond Performance”

Traditionally, metrics have served as a scorecard to gauge past performance. Now, with the volumes of data feeding AI-based analytics engines, metrics are becoming actionable, providing guidance and insights, often in real-time. Moderated by Costantino Lanza, mCloud co-founder and Chief Growth and Revenue Officer, panelists include:

  • Duncan Micklem, VP Strategy & Marketing, Yokogawa Corporation of America 
  • Jack Davis, Managing Partner, Resources2 Energy 
  • Lane Desborough, Entrepreneur
  • Leonora Fink - Principal Product Officer, Amazon 

Interested in seeing what else is on offer? The full agenda is available online.

With so many of us cooped up due to the pandemic, we’re excited to provide a forum for connection and give everyone the sense of coming together, especially as it relates to such important and timely issues. 

Please register online and join us.  We hope to see you there!


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