mCloud Connect 2020 – Making a Positive Impact

mCloud Connect 2020 – Making a Positive Impact

In September, mCloud was proud to host business and technology leaders from several industries, all united with a single focus: making a positive impact using connected technologies in the post-COVID world.

This was the second annual “mCloud Connect,” the company’s user conference offering deep analysis of the way technologies intersect with operating assets and infrastructure – and how these interactions enhance connectivity, productivity and growth.

Conducted entirely virtually, the 2020 conference was split into separate tracks with insightful panels featuring experts from the mCloud team and leaders in the smart buildings, renewable energy, heavy industry and healthcare industries. All told, this included 72 speakers hosted across six different time zones. The keynote speaker this year was Jennifer Zhu Scott – global AI researcher and specialist, founder of Radian Partners, one of the 2018 Forbes World’s Top 50 Women in Tech and a senior technical advisor to the HBO series “Silicon Valley.” Her talk, dubbed “The Inevitable AI Upgrade,” analyzed our collective reality in a post COVID-19 world and the technologies available to adapt to the conditions we now find ourselves in.

Each track of panels at this year’s conference offered different insights on how connected technologies are quickly changing the way longstanding operations are approached. In many cases, the introduction of these technologies can deliver a commonsense shift for operators and boots-on-the-ground workers alike.

One particularly compelling example of the power of digital transformation came during a conversation between mCloud’s Director of Process Solutions Patrick Kelly and Ted Pierpont, VP of Sales for RealWear, Inc. During a panel on Connected Workers, Pierpont shared an anecdote about an oil and gas maintenance worker whose job was to inspect the seals atop rail cars full of petroleum products.

The worker’s day-to-day job involved climbing up a ladder to the top of the rail cars while hauling a heavy safe-enclosure bag containing a camera. When he reached the top, he would then have to carefully brace himself while taking his hands off the ladder to take pictures with the camera. Now, with the aid of a RealWear headset and AI voice interaction, he was able to keep his hands on the ladder at all times and verbally tell the headset to take a photo for him. This is, of course, a complete game-changer in terms of both safety and the worker’s comfort level in carrying out his everyday tasks.

Bringing the whole conference to a close, the final conference “Connecting the Dots to Your Connected Tomorrow” fittingly involved a multi-industry chat that brought together leaders in wind, heavy industrial and connected buildings to talk about their shared experiences where traditional, disconnected approaches are failing to line up with modern business realities.

Other highlights included the importance of cybersecurity in a remotely managed world, the rise to prominence of 3D digital twins and how they are redefining work at oil and gas plants, and a look at telehealth technologies, which are rapidly transforming the healthcare industry.

We hope this year’s conference was meaningful and insightful for all of our attendees. This has been a challenging year for the global community, but for all the hardships, we have just as many opportunities for growth. The pandemic has made plain the advantages of connected technologies and have shown many industry leaders that the connected future is here now.

mCloud President and CEO Russ McMeekin said it best in his “Fireside Chat” kicking off day two of the event. He explained that nothing drives more earnings per share than productivity, and productivity is booming thanks to connected technologies enabling workers to be more efficient.

“What used to look abnormal is now normal,” McMeekin said. “Remote work is here to stay.”

If you missed out on catching an mCloud Connect session, or want to revisit one, don’t worry – the panels are now available on our website for on-demand viewing here:

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