It’s Time to Embrace ‘Digital Resilience’

It’s Time to Embrace ‘Digital Resilience’

What a difference a few months can make.

Businesses that were diligently executing on their 2020 plans have seen their worlds turned upside down due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Executives are busy trying to figure out how to respond, but nobody can quite predict how long it will take before society can safely return to normal, or if we will, in fact, settle into a new normal.

The key to success in the post-quarantine world is creating “digital resilience” for your organization by evaluating and adopting the latest advanced technologies that will ensure business continuity in uncertain times. 

Digital resilience is a concept that originated in the cybersecurity sector. It refers to an organization’s ability to continue operations and minimize customer harm, reputational damage and financial loss following an attack on assets located in the virtual world.

What does digital resilience mean in the age of COVID-19?  It means leveraging the advanced technologies available today and having the digital infrastructure in place to ensure your customers and employees remain safe – and feel safe – while managing your physical assets for optimum business benefit.

Many of these advanced technologies have been simmering on the corporate backburner for years but have now been thrust front and center as needed tools to survive and thrive under the ‘new normal.’

At mCloud, we are seeing many customers adopting new tools to ensure their businesses are fortified in this unexpected new era.  

Oil & gas companies are conducting 3D laser scans of their facilities to build digital twins for remote operations and maintenance monitoring and planning.  This is a key first step on the road to creating 3D digital twins that will enable real-time knowledge sharing and interaction via the AssetCare™ platform.

Oil and gas facilities as well as other sectors such as mining, pulp and paper, chemical production and construction are also adopting AssetCare for Connected Workers to enable real-time communication between experts and workers in the field.  

The solution is enabled by ruggedized headsets that fit securely on hard hats and feature a miniature computer screen, high-resolution video camera and voice-activated controls to help workers in the field relay what they are seeing to a remote expert, open documents that provide more insights, and help them complete maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently.

With international travel limited in the COVID-19 era, the AssetCare for Connected Workers   solution is in demand from mCloud customers.  Many say it will become their normal method of collaboration going forward, as they recognize the resulting benefits in cost savings and quick access to resources.

mCloud is also seeing growing interest in its combined ventilation and filtration indoor air quality solution for buildings.
As commercial establishments start to reopen, owners and managers know that the key to success is reassuring customers and workers that they are using every measure to keep them safe.

Combining the AI-powered HVAC and indoor air quality capabilities of the AssetCare platform with air purification technology through a partnership with SecureAire, mCloud is helping restaurants, retail shops, hotels, small offices and long-term care facilities return to normal reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission indoors.  

mCloud’s solution ensures and validates that the optimal level of ventilation and air flow is maintained while delivering hospital-grade filtration and monitoring building pressurization, temperature, humidity and other important factors to enhance indoor air quality and reduce risk.  The completely automated solution makes it easy for owners to implement, ensures optimum energy efficiency, and doesn’t depend upon human behavior for success.

Our business model and advanced technologies enable us to be extremely nimble when it comes to responding to new challenges facing businesses. Leveraging IoT, AI and the cloud, our connected solutions are easily adapted to solve many of the challenges in the new normal.

We are here to help and will continue to provide the right solutions as we move into the future. 

For businesses wishing to learn more about the AssetCare automated ventilation and filtration system, please visit our Back to Business page here.

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