AssetCare Update: AI-based language support now available in AssetCare Enterprise

AssetCare Update: AI-based language support now available in AssetCare Enterprise

As a global company using AI to solve problems, we recently turned to a well-known AI application to make translating electronic forms easier and provide a better experience to workers by letting them set the user interface to the language they’re most comfortable working with.

AssetCare™ Enterprise – through Google Translate – now supports more than 100 languages.

The latest release of Enterprise is enhanced with the capability to connect with Google Translate to translate every word and phrase stored in the database that supports your electronic forms, including forms used by our Digitize app in the AssetCare Mobile suite of solutions. 

Previously, configuring electronic forms in multiple languages required a language expert to go through every field in every form and change the English words and phrases to the equivalent in a specified language—somewhat of a time-consuming process.

Now, a designated system administrator can instantly compile a list of all words used in all your digital forms and translate those words into several different languages in just minutes. The administrator can accept the translations as is or make edits to align with specific corporate or local terminology. This work can be done in the system or offline and then imported into Enterprise.

Once the translations are complete, workers can choose to view a form in any available language with a quick change of their settings, making filling out electronic forms even simpler across your organization.

This functionality is available today for all Enterprise users. Contact us to learn more.

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