Mobilizing Your Workforce: Five Things to Know

Mobilizing Your Workforce: Five Things to Know

Even before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, industrial workplaces such as oil and gas plants and other processing facilities were already  struggling with the reality of having to do more with less. This is truer than ever now, with many industries having to reconcile the maintenance needs of sprawling, demanding worksites with a need to limit on-site presence as much as possible.

Fortunately, technology has made great strides in this area in recent years, and can help take some of the sting out of new COVID-related economic and regulatory constraints. Put simply, operators need to be able to conduct their work efficiently at home, on the road, or wherever they may be. Platforms already exist that make this possible, and come with huge benefits for people at all levels of the industry. 

Here are five things to know about how quickly and easily a mobilized workforce can transform day-to-day operations of industrial workplaces.

1. Don’t worry about new hardware – staff can use the devices they already have

One common misconception about digitizing workflows is that it takes dedicated hardware to do it right. To the contrary, many existing platforms integrate perfectly well through laptops, phones, tablets and other standard equipment used throughout the industry. While dedicated headsets can open up further streamlining, the basic steps of a digital workflow can be achieved at any time with no need to drop money on new equipment.   

2. Limit on-site worker presence while providing stronger connections between staff

A digitally-enabled workforce cuts down on the number of workers needed on-site while also streamlining the work being done – often beyond what would be possible with traditional means. Rather than flag down an expert when faced with an unusual problem, workers can instantly connect with an expert –who is working remotely – and either instantly snap and send photos or stream video of what issue they’re addressing. In an age when operators are struggling with the concept of lowering the number of staff on-site, mobilizing offers a way to bounce back stronger than ever.

3. Cut the need for pen, paper and piles of documents by digitizing

When doing operator rounds, the need for pen and paper – or any physical documentation – is completely removed with mobile platforms, which allow users to go completely hands-free and complete their tasks using simple voice commands. Even better, with all the resulting data being fully digitized, it becomes easily accessible to anyone in the organization should the need arise. Gone are the days of hauling around extensive documentation or digging through folders for a critical document. 

With digitalization the norm, key information becomes easily accessible across the organization in near real-time. This cuts the need for back-office transcription, ultimately saving both time and money while reducing the chance of errors being introduced into the data.

4. Visualize data and take your information-gathering to the next level

The benefits of digitized data go well beyond cutting out back office transcription and minimizing errors. It enables an entirely new approach to data that would be impossible with cluttered piles of physical documents. Thanks to 3D digital twins – detailed digital copies of facilities easily referenced by any supported device – all manner of data can be pulled up at a moment’s notice. Imagine standing in the middle of your facility, glancing around at the equipment and instantly having updated, accurate operational data for each item around you. Once again, this heavy integration saves enormous amounts of time while allowing for new possibilities in optimization.

5. Investigate All-in-One Mobile Platforms

Few process industry companies can handle all these changes by themselves.  That’s why so many are turning to all-encompassing mobile platforms like the mCloud AssetCare Mobile solution. 

This platform takes advantage of AssetCare’s powerful combination of AI, IoT and the cloud, and funnels complex data and communications into a streamlined platform available on any Android device, including smartphones, tablets and headsets. The result is a best-in-class mobile solution offering straightforward collaboration, workflow digitalization and asset performance visualization for customers. 

The platform benefits employees at every level: operators see huge savings from reduced presence and efficiency boosts, workers see their labors become safer and more effective, and new employees can be brought up to speed on process and workflows faster than ever.

To learn more and see if AssetCare Mobile is right for you, visit our website:

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