Meet Mobile Enterprise and Telehealth Solutions Leader Agnity Global, a Member of the mCloud Family

Meet Mobile Enterprise and Telehealth Solutions Leader Agnity Global, a Member of the mCloud Family

It’s a good bet that even some longtime followers of mCloud Technologies may not immediately recognize the name of Agnity Global.  

Despite its seemingly low profile, the Silicon Valley-based firm has played a major role at mCloud Technologies for some time and will play an even more significant role in serving customers in the future.

mCloud’s interest in Agnity, an industry leader in LTE/4G/5G mobile application communication server technology for wireless carriers, began in June 2018.

mCloud leverages Agnity's premier middleware to enable mCloud's AssetCare™ platform to serve mCloud’s many telecom partners, work across mobile technologies, and enable connected workers.

Sanjeev Chawla, President and CEO of Agnity, pointed out recently his company is also highly focused on innovations in a vertical that’s seen intense public interest recently: healthcare.

MobileCare to the Rescue

“A few years ago, we decided to apply our telecom expertise to the healthcare sector when we realized the industry’s communications technologies and other back office infrastructure were from the Dark Ages,” Sanjeev said.  “The way hospitals were communicating with nurses and accessing patient data had a lot of holes in it.”

Agnity devised a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform to support clinical workflows, offering HIPAA-compliant secure text, voice, image and video messaging; easy patient access to data; alarms and notifications from telemetry systems; hospital registration, medication administration and more.  

Agnity’s cloud-based MobileCare platform works on all popular mobile devices and includes business analysis tools for customizing workflows down to the department level. It’s currently in use by nearly 100 healthcare facilities throughout North America and Europe, including one of the largest healthcare systems in the U.S.

The technology helps address the very real problem of accidental deaths and serious injuries at medical facilities due to miscommunication among healthcare workers. Studies have shown that up to 70% of these accidents stem from errors in communications, costing an average of $12 billion annually.

Agnity’s fully integrated healthcare platform enables seamless care collaboration and
communication among doctors, nurses, patients, and other health professionals – helping to avoid communication breakdowns, improve patient care, and reduce costs.  But there’s more.

The Rise of Telemedicine

“We think that patient care will continue to evolve beyond the four walls of the hospital and so we extended our solution to enable continuous monitoring of post-discharge patients at home or in long-term care facilities as well as ensure secure remote voice and video messaging with healthcare professionals,” Sanjeev said.

He added that COVID-19 has made telehealth a high priority as many people who may need assistance are avoiding hospitals because they are afraid of becoming infected.  Often, they won’t call until it’s an emergency -- taxing hospital resources and creating costs.  

Agnity has partnered with wearable device manufacturers to provide continuous or on-demand vitals data to care for COVID-19 patients such as pulse and heart rate, SpO2, temperature, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. MobileCare can also integrates with most of the other health monitoring devices available. MobileCare also seamlessly integrates with mCloud’s AssetCare™ platform, providing a complete remote telehealth and monitoring capability for healthcare providers.

Agnity’s end-to-end patient care solution ensures primary care doctors and others are kept apprised of the status of patients in senior or long-term care facilities, as well as those who choose to remain in their homes.

“I think we have started a very long journey in respect to how patient care matures in the COVID-19 and post-pandemic era,” he said.  “Government healthcare agencies around the world are taking a closer look at how mobile technologies can help reduce the impact of highly contagious pathogens in the future. Our role is to help them implement true telemedicine, and not just patient teleconferences.”

Barry Po, mCloud’s CMO and President of Connected Solutions said, “In addition to providing the cutting-edge technology for AssetCare Mobile, Agnity’s telehealth business perfectly aligns with mCloud’s overall mission to enable organizations of all kinds to make the most of remote connectivity – whether they’re medical professionals providing quality care to patients, oil and gas workers troubleshooting issues out on a rig, or workers inspecting building HVAC systems for optimum energy."

For more information regarding Agnity, please visit their website

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