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Maximize your ability to make money by ensuring customers come back.
The key to bringing customers back is assuring them your establishments are safe.
Combat COVID-19 through better indoor air quality.

Managing your indoor air quality is the simplest way to show your customers, employees, and local health authorities you’re taking action, allowing you to confidently re-open your doors.

Man shopping in grocer store wearing mask
Shoppers will need a sense of security as they begin to return to brick-and-mortar stores. Just being compliant for re-opening won't be enough: your customers need to feel confident their health, as well as the health of those around them, is being safeguarded by your business. The measures you take -- including their confidence in the air they're breathing -- will determine if customers will step inside your store.
Waitress wearing mask serving coffee
Basic compliance with local guidelines is just the beginning -- getting the go-ahead to open your doors is one thing; having guests feel confident they can spend time and enjoy themselves is another. Ensuring clean air in your restaurant is a simple, effective, and unobtrusive way of signalling to your customers that you have thought of everything -- and a way to show health officials your restaurant is ready for higher capacity.
long term care facilities COVID-19 coronavirus
Long Term Care
Residents in long-term care facilities are a particularly vulnerable population. Providing reassurance that you are doing everything possible to protect their health, including addressing indoor air quality, is critically important. AssetCare can help you provide the assurance to your residents and to their families that their loved ones are in a safe environment.
factory workers wearing masks
In commercial spaces, workers are required to spend long hours inside, sometimes without adequate social distancing options. They will need to be able to return to work confident that their health, and subsequently the health of their families, is safeguarded. Indoor air quality can play a key role in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping your workforce safe and healthy.

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How do you know if you're business is ready to welcome customers again? Will your customers have the confidence to come back?

Download our free Guide to Re-opening your Business to the Public - 10 Step Readiness Checklist to learn about the four areas you need to be aware of:

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Food Safety
  • Social Distancing
  • Communication

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We take care of everything

We offer complete, all-in-one solutions that help ensure optimal indoor air quality inside your facilities, and give your customers and employees the peace of mind that your business is a safe place to be.

Continuous Indoor Air Quality Management
AssetCare continuously manages your indoor air quality through smart thermostats and sensors, ensuring adequate ventilation and airflow based on how your business operates, meeting or exceeding ASHRAE building standards for indoor air quality.
24/7 Monitoring
Our dedicated Live Operations team monitors your building 24/7, providing you with instant text or email alerts to any issues that need immediate action. If you need additional assistance, expert help is just a phone call away.
Health, Safety, and Better Energy Efficiency
Our technology ensures your HVAC system continuously operates at optimal efficiency, reducing your HVAC energy costs by up to 25%.
Optional Air Quality Filtration to “Capture and Kill” COVID-19
In partnership with SecureAire, we offer an optional integrated hospital-grade air filtration system that uses an active electrostatic field to attract, capture, and inactivate viruses and bacteria down to 0.4 microns, the size of viruses such as COVID-19.
Optional Refrigeration and Food Safety Compliance
In partnership with blueRover, we provide optional refrigeration and freezer monitoring, protecting your inventory and minimizing food spoilage. Automation for your HACCP food safety program includes continuous temperature recording and on-demand food safety compliance reports.
Ongoing Facility Scorecard
You will receive regular email summaries that highlight the overall air quality, HVAC efficiency, and energy use of your buildings. More advanced detailed reporting is also available.

Only mCloud offers all this for one simple monthly price.

No money upfront.

With a no payment option for 90 days.

We manage over 7,000 buildings with over 10 years of experience serving businesses around the world.

We want to help you get back to business as fast as possible by reassuring your customers and employees that you are taking action to keep them safe.

Download the Free 10 Step Readiness Checklist

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