What Your Automation System Isn't Telling You*

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What Your Automation System Isn't Telling You

It is common knowledge that automation plays a direct role in improving plant performance. A healthy, well-managed control system provides the foundation for reliable plant operation, but do you really know how well your control system is performing and what impact unknown issues might be having on your overall plant performance?

During this webinar you will learn: 

  • Four critical types of information your automation system can tell you, if it is being monitored

  • Five negative impacts to operational efficiency and cost you could be experiencing with an unhealthy control system

  • Key stages in the control system lifecycle when control system monitoring can deliver the greatest value

  • How to implement best-practice procedures to ensure optimal automation system health

  • Three specific use cases demonstrating the ROI of monitoring your control system

Presented by: Laura Bennett, E.I.T.

Laura is an intermediate engineer-in-training (E.I.T.), and has been involved in design, HMI development, and safety instrument systems (SIS) on automation projects for clients in a number of industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Food & Beverage. Her experience includes programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and her platform expertise lays with Emerson (General Electric) systems.  Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta.

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Are you missing out on key information from your automation system?