Four Reasons Why Quick Service Restaurants Should Consider HVAC Management Now

Four Reasons Why Quick Service Restaurants Should Consider HVAC Management Now

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) owners wear many hats: kitchen leader, accountant, HR director, and building manager among them. With all of the things QSR owners deal with every day, managing the comfort and energy efficiency of the locations they operate can be a distant, low priority.

That said, the economics of being in a highly competitive, low-margin industry makes cost efficiency an important business consideration.  With rising heating and cooling costs that can make up to 40% of the total energy cost of running a QSR location, QSR owners are always on the lookout for opportunities to reduce those costs in ways that makes sense.

Once the exclusive domain of large commercial buildings, many top QSR brands are incorporating automated HVAC management solutions to optimize their operations.

At mCloud, we see a convergence of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, making it possible for small commercial spaces to reap the benefits of automated HVAC control that used to only be available to “big buildings” – substantial energy savings can be had at a fraction of the traditional cost.

I want to share four key reasons that QSRs should consider implementing HVAC energy management services today:

1. Stop wasting energy – and money

Approximately 30% of the energy consumed by commercial buildings goes to waste, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, and energy prices never seem to go down.

Having an HVAC management capability, such as mCloud’s AssetCare for Smart Buildings, can reduce your HVAC costs by up to 20 percent by pinpointing where your energy is being wasted.  Through the use of AI and IoT, the technology exists to take historical and real-time data sources such as space temperatures, outdoor weather, expected occupancy, and HVAC unit efficiency to reduce energy use and minimize the money you spend on energy every month.

2. Customers and employees will be happier

It’s not just energy management – it’s comfort management. A restaurant room temperature that’s too cold or warm can ruin the customer experience as well as have a negative effect on employees.  Instead of keeping an eye on thermostats or the performance of HVAC units in a space, HVAC management solutions frequently give QSR owners more control over comfort – adapting to changing conditions to “dial-in” the right temperature to ensure the comfort of both patrons and staff while simultaneously curbing energy use.

3. It’s easy to get started

There are many different ways to bring HVAC management into a business – some easier than others. Through the availability of Wi-Fi enabled “smart” thermostats, it’s possible to start managing comfort and energy efficiency without all the fuss of a sophisticated building controls solution. While many of these solutions are “do-it-yourself” in nature – you get access to software that lets you manage your HVAC settings — mCloud’s AssetCare is completely hands-free: through a combination of AI and a full HVAC management team at mCloud, we take care of everything – from installation to ongoing management of comfort and energy efficiency.

4. Peace of mind

Leaving HVAC management to the experts means you can achieve energy savings and reliably comfortable room temperatures without needing to be involved.  And that’s one less thing for QSR owners to think about!