Universal mCloud Corp. and RealWear Inc. Expand Relationship

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RealWear’s HMT-1TM to be Incorporated into mCloud’s AssetCareTM IoT Bundled Solution Asset-to-Field-Technician Connectivity via Hands-Free, Voice-Controlled, Wearable Technology Will Leverage Previously Announced $50M Funding Facility.

Vancouver, British Columbia (October 30, 2017) – Universal mCloud Corp. (TSX-V: MCLD)

(“mCloud” or the “Company”), a leading provider of IoT-connected, asset-care technology solutions, today announced that it will be including RealWear Inc.’s HMT-1TM fully-rugged, head-mounted tablet solution into its Asset-Circle-of-CareTM cloud offering. This hands-free, voice-controlled technology brings remote video collaboration, technical documentation, industrial IoT data visualization, assembly and maintenance instructions and streamlined inspections right to the eyes and ears of workers in harsh and loud field and manufacturing environments. HMT-1TM will be offered as part of the AssetCareTM bundled solution and will be initially deployed in Canada. mCloud President and CEO Russel McMeekin says, “Connecting the asset to the field technician using

RealWear’s HMT-1TM technology provides a more efficient circle of care, giving asset owners the ability to greatly improve asset performance and ensure that assets are properly serviced in a timely, cost effective manner. Field service workers are able to gain real-time access to key asset information and provide remote expertise. Canada is an excellent market for this solution as assets are highly distributed, yet readily connected via high performance communication using technologies like 4G.”

There are over 1 million connectable energy assets in Canada that can rapidly adopt market-ready IoT devices. mCloud’s AssetCareTM solution is an open, cloud-based solution that employs big data, deep analytics, machine learning, real-time collaboration and communications, 3D Augmented Reality (AR), and best practice maintenance to provide all asset stakeholders with total transparency in the health and performance of their connected assets – all within mCloud’s Asset-Circle-of-CareTM framework. At its core, AssetCareTM monitors the performance of HVAC units and wind turbines. Once connected, mCloud uses its proprietary technologies to improve asset performance resulting in better energy profiles. The Asset-Circle-of-Care™ further extends to support field service actions including real-time video communication with asset experts and access to complete equipment documentation. With mCloud’s 24/7 support centre, and having field service technicians equipped with The RealWear HMT-1TM technology, AssetCareTM customers have access to best-in-class maintenance and surveillance to ensure assets are consistently performing at the highest level of efficiency.

RealWear, CEO Andy Lowery says, “Almost a year ago, RealWear and mCloud began working together to ensure delivery of an integrated software and hardware solution that would connect field service technicians to powerful cloud-based tools, completely hands free. Today, RealWear is thrilled to announce the next phase of our partnership with mCloud as we deploy, at scale, the first of its kind, voice-driven, industrial-grade HMT-1TM, fully integrated with mCloud’s Asset-Circle-of-Care™ solution.”

About Universal mCloud Corp.

Universal mCloud Corp (“mCloud”) is headquartered in Vancouver, BC with technology and operations centers in San Francisco, CA and Bristol, PA. mCloud is an IoT connected asset care cloud solution company utilizing connected IoT devices, leading deep energy analytics, secure mobile and 3D technologies that rally all asset stakeholders around an Asset-Circle-of-Care™, providing complete realı time and historical data coupled with guidance and advice based on deep analytics and diagnostics resulting in optimal performance and care of critical equipment. It’s all about the asset. The powerful and secure AssetCare™ environment is accessible everywhere, 24/7 through standard mobile devices, ruggedized headsets, and web browsers. For more information, visit www.mCloudCorp.com.

About RealWear Inc.

RealWear is transforming how work gets done in enterprise with the HMT-1, the world’s first voice-driven, hands-free, head-mounted wearable tablet computer purpose-built for light and heavy industry. Implementing hardware, software, cloud, and AI, RealWear is accelerating the future of connected industrial work. For more information, visit www.realwear.com or watch the video of their HMT-1TM technology using the following link https://youtu.be/P1XQotex_ac.