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Improve the capacity factor and availability of your wind turbines by up to 30%.
We keep a close eye on every aspect of your turbine, making it easy to identify opportunities to get the most out of your wind investments.

We listen to what your wind turbine is saying

AssetCare™ combines wind turbine connectivity with artificial intelligence and analytics to manage wind turbine O&M costs and create opportunities to deliver more production at lower cost.

Optimize your power curve
Your wind turbine’s rated power curve only tells part of the story around how much energy is produced in practice. AssetCare, backed by a dedicated team of wind experts, continuously identifies opportunities to maximize energy production by eliminating inefficiencies in all parts of a wind turbine’s operation.
Fix the right problems
AssetCare correlates the performance of your turbine gearboxes, generators, and blades to help you focus your O&M spend on those issues that directly impact the production efficiency, safety, and long-term health of your turbines.

Across your entire fleet
Whether you operate one wind turbine or an entire wind farm, AssetCare gives you line of sight to how your turbines are performing, and the underlying opportunities to improve availability and production efficiency. Get hands-on insight from us, or from ongoing reporting and dashboarding on the Web.

AssetCare helps you improve the ROI and total cost of ownership for your wind investments

Up to 30%
improvements in wind turbine capacity factor and availability
Up to 10x
improvements in O&M efficiency, such as wind turbine blade inspections and gearbox condition monitoring

Here's how AssetCare™ works

  1. Our team of energy experts will carry out a detailed review of your wind turbine fleet to help you identify opportunities to improve your capacity factor and availability on day one.

  2. Through direct connections to your wind turbine SCADA and industrial IoT sensors, we’ll get your fleet connected to AssetCare.

  3. AssetCare, backed by a dedicated live operations team, will keep an eye on your wind turbines 24/7.

  4. As an option, our AssetCare team will equip your fleet with drones for low-cost, high-efficiency wind turbine inspections.

  5. All for one simple price. No money upfront, no hidden fees, and zero risk – your average efficiency gains will always be better than the amount you pay.

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