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Intelligent analytics create energy savings

AssetCare™ enables intelligent HVAC management with bottom-line results.

Energy reduction


Bank of America is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, serving approximately 57 million consumers and businesses in the United States. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is founded upon the belief that with great prominence comes great responsibility, affecting both the communities in which they operate and the world around them.

The challenge

As an organization that consumes over $250M US in electricity every year and a nationwide portfolio of bank facilities from coast-to-coast, implementing an effective energy management strategy requires tremendous effort and coordination, from getting access to the right data to make energy decisions to putting that data in the hands of the right people so those decisions can be put into action.


To implement their strategy, Bank of America turned to mCloud to help. With the capability to surface energy data, transform that data into valuable analytics, and backed by a talented team including world-class expertise in HVAC energy use, mCloud implemented an HVAC asset management solution that provides Bank of America and facility management stakeholders with access to data that enables Bank of America to optimize HVAC use at the portfolio level, all with zero impact to customer and employee comfort.

Bottom-line results

Today, AssetCare connects HVAC units at 3,300 bank facilities across the United States, enabling data-driven energy saving policies, the ability to predict unit issues through fault detection and diagnostic intelligence, and continuous set point management that minimizes energy waste, helping Bank of America save 12% in overall energy use across their branch network every day. 

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