Asset Circle of Care



mCloud is a secure mobile technology company bringing together people, data and knowledge to improve the health and performance of equipment


We envision an Asset-Circle-of-Care where:

• Machines and devices that are connected via the internet

• Real-time and historical data available in the cloud

• Complex assets that are in need of care and attention

• Mobile technology that connects people and assets

• Performance data and analytics that provide advise for preventive
   maintenance actions and optimal performance

• Complete engineering and equipment health records available for each

• Real-time collaboration amongst care practitioners and experts

Corporate Values

  • Provide a safe, fun and rewarding work environment

  • Enable the best use of valuable assets and natural resources

  • Create worthwhile local jobs supported by a global network

  • Minimize carbon footprint and contribute to GHG reduction through our direct actions

  • Encourage responsible social behavior from all stakeholders

  • Maintain competitive compensation for all stakeholders